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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How did I get here?

How did I get to this place of worrying about yucky stuff in my food and products? Oh yes, I became a mother. 

From the day I found out I was pregnant and saw those little pink lines on my home pregnancy test I swore that I would do just about anything to protect my child from harms way. I would eat organic. I would use cloth diapers. I would make my own organic baby food. I wouldn’t let my child watch TV. I would exercise my whole pregnancy. No pacifiers. I’d would only breastfeed -- no formula. Boy was I kidding myself! (you can watch my IgniteBend presentation "Being a 'natural mother' doesn’t work for everyone" at 29:52 on the second half of Ignite Bend 2).

Then my son was born -- three weeks early -- with a punctured lung. I then learned that there is only so much I can control. Don’t worry, he’s a happy little toddler now. Talking, walking and giving us Terrible Twos attitude. He won't eat his vegetable and has a horrible obsession with the three b's -- bottle, blanket and binkie.

For weeks now, my husband and I (well, let's be honest, mostly me) have been making some changes and gradually going natural and eco-friendly. Our list is long and wide and along the way, we have made some mistakes. Like the cereal bars that said preservative free that actually had high fructose corn syrup in them ... ooops. Have you tried to find a graham cracker in the cookie aisle lately? All full of yucky stuff. Took me over 20 mins to find one that I would be OK with giving to my son. 

To my credit, I have found some balances to the bad things we do in our house. Instead of buying organic veggies at the store, we take part in a CSA.We use disposable diapers but offset that with using compostable baby wipesI do let my child watch a limited about of TV and I did breast feed for 9 months until I weaned him and started him on formula.

Oh and I'm not an expert. I'm learning from different folks along the way and I'm really grateful for their knowledge and patience because I'm new at this. 

Enjoy the ride!

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