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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go green by drinking beer? Sign me up.

Recently, I added 10 points to my Practically Green profile by drinking locally brewed beer. I wish I could say that is a tough choice for me but it's not. I often joke that since moving to Bend, Oregon that I have gained 30 pounds due to drinking the delicious craft brews produced locally.  I'm now considered a beer snob if someone tries to get me to drink a Coors Light and I refuse.

This article has great tips for going green while drinking a tasty brew. Here is a local overview of how Bendites can be green while enjoying their locally produced beer.

1) Drink organic ales. Locally, Deschutes Brewery produces Green Lakes Organic Ale (certified by Oregon Tilth). According to Deschutes Brewery this beer is the first beer brewed with Salmon-Safe certified hops grown so that surrounding streams are shaded, cool and run-off free, allowing migrating salmon to flourish.

2) Buy locally. As I covered above, I live in beer heaven. Spend a few days testing out the beers and fill out your Bend Ale Trail card. And when I hear the word "local" I think statewide too. So Ninkasi, Full Sail and Rouge Ales also count in my book.

3) Support green beer companies. When I took the Deschutes Brewery tour, I was happy to learn they use the grains to make bread for their pubs. That hamburger bun helped make the beer you're drinking

4) Drink Draught Drinking from a keg is more environmentally friendly, saving around 100 cans or bottles. I think my husband might get his keg wish after all.

5) Recycle, Reduce, Reuse Get your bottle deposit back or put them in your bin.Most corrugated packing is recyclable so make sure that makes it in your comingle bin. 

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  1. This has to be my FAVORITE way to earn Practically Green points. And like Oregon, Boston has some amazing local breweries. You are also very close to some great wineries in Oregon and you can get 10 points for switching to ecofriendly wine too!

  2. I was just researching which wines in Oregon were eco-friendly. I love wine so trying them would not be a problem.



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