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Monday, August 23, 2010

Goal #2 Line dry our clothes

Line drying your laundry in the city of Bend is a little controversial:

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The Enemy Within - Backyard Clothesline
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Good thing I don't live in her neighborhood or I wouldn't be able to start working on goal #2.

I must admit, I don't use Seventh Generation Laundry Products but I was intrigued by their challenge:
  • Use Seventh Generation 2X laundry care products. They’re specifically formulated to power out stains, dirt in cold water.
  • Wash your laundry in cold water.
  • Dry each load outside using free zero-emission sun power. (Live in the city? Just substitute a bathroom or balcony drying rack for a laundry line!
Why wash your clothes in cold water? It helps lower your energy bills when you replace hot or warm water
washes with cold water cycles. Some say the key to this is buying a detergent specially formulated for the cold water. I don't know if I believe that but my Kirkland Environmentally Friendly Detergent seems to be washing my clothes just fine.

Why dry your laundry outside? No brainer. Lower your energy bills and save money. And you thought all this going green was going to cost more? 

Don't have a big back yard like me (see photo to the left), no problem! Use your bathroom, garage or spend $20 and buy  a dryer rack like we did!

When I first proposed this to my husband, he was game and then we had to do it. It's pretty convenient to just put the clothes in the dryer from the washer. Now there is an extra step ... put them in the laundry basket and haul it to the back. Really, it's not that hard or a pain. And it is actually fun.

Each week, I do at least three loads of laundry so our goal is to line dry at least two of those loads a week. So far, we've been successful. 

What are your line drying tricks? Use anything specials? Have a favorite detergent? I welcome your comments and/or suggestions.

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