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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going natural with your hair products

I have for years been a big supporter of Dove hair products. It has worked well with my baby fine, stick straight hair as it did a good job of not drying it out and weighing it down but it was full of things I didn't want entering my body so I had some options ... go "no-poo"  by trying baking soda and vinegar or researching products and finding ones that would be right for me. After someone suggested I try Bubble and Bee's Pit Putty (I still haven't but it is on my B&B wish list) I started to read their blog and found some great information about why we should avoid some of the chemicals in mainstream shampoos.

I then started to read about their shampoos and it intrigued me:
Our products are a little bit different to use; it may take some getting used to. Instead of using a detergent shampoo (that strips your hair) and conditioner (that covers up the damage the shampoo did) we use a natural soap to clean and vinegar to balance hair's pH. The cleansing is so gentle you don't need conditioner, and the vinegar makes your hair exceptionally strong. Conventional shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic protiens and plasticizers that coat the hair. They have to do this to cover up the damage that the synthetic detergents in the shampoo do to your hair. Our shampoo doesn't strip the hair of its oils, only removes the excess. You'll actually go through a hair "detox" period, where the synthetic protiens will be removed and you'll be able to feel your hair for the first time without these synthetic coatings. It will become naturally soft and smooth, and, as new hair grows in, it won't suffer the damage of the conventional shampoos. Over time, your hair's appearance will grow shinier and be stronger.
When I was about to run out of shampoo, I ended up buying 365 Shampoo and Conditioner for my husband at Whole Foods as he wasn't exactly on board with going my route. As for the kiddo, he still doesn't quite understand "close your eyes while I wash your hair" so we continue to use California Baby on him. And then I took the plunge and bought the Bubble and Bee Organic Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo.

I was a little worried about the detox period but maybe I'm in the minority ... I didn't really notice a difference until after about two weeks later people started commenting on how my hair was really shiny and asked about the products I was using. As for conditioner, Bubble and Bee sends a bottle so you can do a vinegar wash. Sounds crazy but it actually works and really helps keep the hair shiny. I only do this about once a week.

I'm still up for trying just straight baking soda and vinegar but there is a side of me that is a little girly and wants some smelly (organic/natural) stuff.

Now, if Bubble and Bee could wash out my gray hair or prevent it somehow, I'd be trying to buy stock in this company.

P.S. I have no affiliation with any of the products/companies/organizations mentioned in this post.

(image courtesy of Bubble & Bee)

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