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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New rules on the way regarding sunscreen

Each morning while getting my son dressed for pre-school, I apply sunscreen all over his body (and I'll be honest, about once a week I forget to do this). A few months back when the EWG launched their online sunscreen guide I printed it out and went in search of something safe to apply daily to my toddler's skin. Some thought I was crazy but I was only being cautious. This was the sunscreen we were using in our household. Ouch! What a wake up call! In the end, we went with Dr. T's Supergoop and Tru-Kids. My son loves to help put the face stick on his face each morning because it has gotten so routine in our house.

There was news today that there were new rules for sunscreen in the works. Some of the proposed changes include:
  • Companies would test and rank UVA protection, not just UVB
  • SPF tops out at 50+.
  • Sun protection factor gets a new name
  • UVA and UVB get equal billing
  • No skin aging or skin cancer claims allowed
Read more about the proposed FDA changes here.

I've recently been wearing sunscreen daily on my face as I have what appears, according to the dermatologist PA, the start of an age spot. I have really nice skin so this was a shock for me. The joys of getting older

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