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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conditioner on the cheap: vinegar!

image courtesy of Heinz

I had someone stop me the other day to tell me how shiny and healthy my hair looked and were really interested in the products I used. They were surprised to find out that I use a natural shampoo (I plan on going no shampoo and just baking soda and water pretty soon though) and apple cider vinegar for conditioner.

So what's the recipe? It's simple. Take an 8 oz bottle  and fill with a 1/4 cup of either white or apple cider vinegar, add warm water and shake. After washing your hair with shampoo or baking soda solution, rinse with the vinegar solution. Really work it through your hair with your hands and make sure you rinse it all out.

I do have some tips though that I wish someone would have clued me in on. 1) Put warm water in the bottle. Sure, cold water really woke me up in the morning but it wasn't pleasant the first go around. 2) Tilt your head back and apply the rinse. When you tilt your head down, the rinse might get into your eye (well, in my case, it did and it stung). 3) Use as often as you have to. I only use it once a week but remember, I have short hair. I'm pretty sure if my hair was longer, I would have to use it more often.

Do you have any vinegar conditioning tips? I would love to hear.

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