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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Green your date night

I should make a label called "you can green just about anything" because Practically Green has a badge on their blog on a topic I never thought about greening ... date night!

A couple of hours a month where you can go out and reconnect with your partner. Now, when my husband and I go out, the topic usually goes back to talking about raising our son. Last weekend, we were invited to a private art show so we found a sitter (hard to do lately) and made plans.

For our green date night, after the art show, we dined at Common Table, a new non-profit restaurant which is conscience about healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, local sources of food, and ethical sourcing (there is a lot more they do so make sure you read about them on their website). In my honest opinion, this is the closest we have to a certified green restaurant. I had an amazing salad that was huge along with a pizza. My husband had a steak sandwich. Our meal wasn't so bad on the pocket book either .. under $25. Everything was fresh, seasonal and handmade. We didn't have any leftovers so we didn't have to green them.

Since we live in beer heaven, it was quite possible for us then to check off drinking locally brewed beer after dinner. I will also mention that I checked off drink eco-friendly wine after our beer stop.

So what is this PG badge missing? You're already commuting by driving in a car together but why not take it a step further -- walk or bike to your destination? This could easily be done by us. We live within 1.5 miles of a shopping/dining district.

Another idea? Find a sitter that will save you some green. I have often talked to my friend Fawn about she and her husband picking one night a month and I'll watch her daughter and us visa versa by creating a sitter swap. In this economy, finding a good sitter can cost up to $10 an hour.

Remember, date night is good for the whole family. Make the time each month and unwind!

How would or do you green your date night? I would love to hear.

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