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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buy upcycled holiday gifts

I'm so excited to take part in my first blog carnival via Retro House Wife Goes Green. I thought long an hard about this topic and got the idea after I heard about a local business that upcycles bags into beautiful gifts.

First off, I hate shopping and I'm not a fan of just giving or getting something that is not useful. Someone has a baby shower, I buy off their registry. Same with weddings. For birthdays, I give cash or gift cards if they're undecided on what they'd like. One year, I asked an old flame to get me new stainless steel measuring cups and spoons and he laughed. "I wish you were a jewelry girl, " he exclaimed.  It has taken my husband years to get this about me. This year, I told him I wanted to get rid of cable and start using the digital signal and buy a Roku (because everything I watch is on there anyways).  He's trying to figure out how to do this. Yes, I'm a boring practical girl. I will give my husband props .. last year, without prompting, he bought me an stick blender and I love love love it.

This year, were only buying for our parents, our child and one gift for each other. Our extended family has grown so much that we've decided to start focusing on our child but if I had all the money in the world, I would buy those around me upcycled gifts!

Sara Bella Upcycled is a company in Bend, Oregon that "makes beautiful gifts out of trash." They have something for everyone ... wine bags, wallets, belts, aprons, purses, shopping bags. You can order online or visit their store in the Old Mill in Bend, Oregon.

Nashelle is another company in Bend, Oregon. They specializes in jewelry from recycled precious metal and natural gemstones.  Many of their pieces are simple and elegant and can be worn everyday.  Any jewerly lovin' gal would be happy to received something so pretty from this company.

Another great place to look for upcycled gift items is I came across the cutest keepsake soda pop can ornaments at Keepsake Souvenirs. Don't you think they would make a nice hostess gift?

Have someone special who likes to entertain? Well, maybe a repurposed wine bottle or vodka bottle will be a great way to showcase their holiday goodies. (via Our Glass Creations)

Or how about a chips bowl made from a vinyl record?

Yes, I could get lost on Etsy! What are your favorite upcycled gift or craft ideas? Feel free to share.


  1. Love upcycling! There are so many creative people making all kinds of lovely things.

    One I love is Lillipops Designs upcycling dad or grandpa's old shirts in gorgeous dresses:

    Another is the Bubs Bears made from your child's baby clothes, or a wedding dress, or remembrance bears for loved ones who have passed:

    T-shirt quilts can be lovely too. My mom made my sister one out of her old gymnastics tees. (At each meet the host club would often give the competitors a t-shirt.) It turned out great.

    Thanks for the ideas! Love seeing Oregonians spotlighted. ;)

  2. I love upcycled items. My current purse is upcycled and bought from :)

    Also thanks for joining in on the carnival.



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