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Monday, November 8, 2010

Confession: I like red meat

As you may know, I had to make an unexpected trip back to Nebraska.  Since my trip was quick, I didn't really plan on meeting up with friends but had three goals ... see my grandma, drink my favorite beer, Boulevard (Deschutes is my 2nd favorite though) and have a Runza cheeseburger.  Usually when I go back and have more time, I add to my list eat at my favorite  Italian restaurant (which I did in fact get to do), eat dumplings and sauerkraut (which I did due to the fact it's traditional Polish funeral food) and eat good steak because I have YET to eat a good steak in the state of Oregon since moving here in 2004.

You read that right, I have to fly home for a good steak. And I'm not talking about Warren Buffett's usual at Gorats (funny side story, my brother used to make Buffett's favorite drink -- Cherry Coke, when he bar-tended there). I'm talking about something from the butcher shop or grocery store seasoned salt and pepper.

This Omaha visit was spent at my older brother's house with his wife and three kids. I've never stayed there before but since my dad moved to Lousiana, my brother offered. I made some comment about needing a good steak and he went to the butcher shop and grilled steaks up the next day. The steak was amazing. AMAZING.

Yes, I know what makes them taste good, isn't exactly eco-friendly or good for me. Nebraskans feed their cows corn (which is probably GMO corn). So, as part of gradually going green, I didn't really feel guilty about eating it. It is not something I can get everyday (well, unless I order from Omaha Steaks) and everything in moderation.

I am happy to report that we're down to eating red meat only twice a month now and more vegetarian dishes. But when I visit Nebraska, just know I'm gonna eat a good tasting, not good for you, steak.

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  1. I can't eat animals. I feel so bad knowing how they are treated when alive and that they died for nothing :(



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