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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green FAIL: No poo

Remember how I said I was on the fence about going no shampoo. Well, I'm no longer on the fence. I spent the last month using just baking soda and cider vinegar and it was a big fail. It wasn't so much the vinegar part but pretty much all baking soda. The first couple days, my hair felt great and then I tried to go to every other day and my hair would be greasy but if I used it everyday, my hair would be dry and fizzy, along with my scalp.

Maybe I wasn't patient enough? I'm back using Bubble and Bee Shampoo but I would love to know your favorite shampoo without all the chemicals.


  1. Not to be rude, but, You gave up too soon! :)

    Great topic! Thanks very much for bringing it up.
    I've been no-poo more than 2 years. I don't use any hair products or heat styling. I rinse my hair two or three times a week w plain water and wash w baking soda only when it starts to look dirty (no more than 2x/wk).
    Don't look at it as all or nothing when you start out. The point is to reduce shampoo use. Some people are able to do it all at once, other people take a little more time.

    When you're ready to try again start by alternating baking soda and shampoo, wean yourself off the shampoo and lean more toward baking soda which is very drying. You don't want to wash w BS every day unless you are oiling your hair, in which case you wouldn't wash every day anyway, but I digress...
    After alternating for a while start washing w plain water every other shampoo.
    Your scalp will eventually regain it's natural balance and start producing less oils(seriously, 6wks or more. don't give up) and you won't have to wash your hair as many times a week.

    Thanks again for bringing up these important topics. Not enough people are aware that we don't need to wash our hair/bodies/homes w harsh chemicals. The shampoo/conditioner industry is a huge waste of money and resources.

  2. I use baking soda, nearly every day, on my oily-ish hair. I think my 'trick' is that I put the baking soda in a big shaker (like the kind that holds Parmesan cheese at a pizzeria)and I shake a bit into my roots before I get in the shower. Then I wet my hair a little and rub it in before rinsing it all out. Voila, clean not too dry hair!



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