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Monday, November 15, 2010

How do you recycle?

courtesy of Keep America Beautiful
Today we're celebrating America Recycle Day. How do I plan to celebrate? By checking out what more I can do by visiting Practically Green.

When I started this adventure, recycling to me was just making sure I put the right items in my recycle cart each week but it has become so much more.

I encourage everyone to start an account on Practically Green. Right now, they have partnered with NBC Universal to Make Green Count by having consumers taking part in their Facebook app. The app reached its goal of accumulating 100,000 “points” within 24 hours of going live and NBC donated $10,000 to the Nature Conservancy. A new goal of 1 million points has been established, with another $10,000 contribution to the Nature Conservancy’s Gulf Restoration Fund planned if the new goal is met.

Happy recycling!

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