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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

80/20 rule/confession: fast food

This should actually fall under confessions category but I already admitted this to the AdFed crowd and then I realized that I have never blogged about it. In talking about the 80/20 rule, this sorta falls under the 5/95 rule if that makes sense.

I am not a mother that is ever going to be able to say "my child has never eaten McDonald's." Yes, I know what a Happy Meal looks like after 137 days (image to the left). I am also a mom that won't be able to say "my child doesn't eat McDonalds anymore." My husband has a strange fascination with the McDonald's dollar menu. It's cheap, it's by his office and he loves hamburgers. When he was a work from home dad for a year, he treated my son to a cheeseburger every now and then. I swear that my child could say McDonald's before he said "mama." About twice a month, I let my son have his cheeseburger often as a treat for doing such a good job at the swimming pool (my husband is determined he'll be the next Michael Phelps). He knows this is a treat and he gets excited about it just like he does M&Ms (another thing he doesn't get often).

Personally, I don't eat McDonalds anymore. I would rather spend $5 at the local soup cart where be sources everything locally. I didn't eat a lot of fast food growing up as my parents would reserve that for us as a treat. The most important thing is that I teach my child that eating homemade, local/seasonal foods are important and that cheeseburger shouldn't be an everyday thing.

As for my husband, I have turned him onto the local food cart. He's hooked and hopefully that cuts down on the number of $1 cheeseburgers he eats.

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