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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Haven of upcycled crafts!

Today marked Bend's annual Indie Craft Loft, an event that happens a couple times a year, showcasing some amazing and gifted crafters. My whole intent in going this time was to get an upcycled gift for a holiday party I'm attending on Monday. I wanted to walk out with bags and bags of stuff for myself but this time of year isn't about me and really, I don't need anything (but sure do want a lot).

Here are a few that caught my eye ...

Upcycled Christmas stockings. Priced
$100 and up
Jenny's Vintage Creations
These are the most beautiful Christmas stockings! According to Jenny's Vintage Creations Facebook page: Jennifer Walters Nordby specializes in creating hand made vintage Christmas stocking that will make your mantle sparkle! Every holiday is her favorite, she creates beautiful Easter boxes embroidered in vintage findings she also makes fantastic Valentines Day cards, St. Patrick's day boxes, and beautiful Halloween creations!

I really want a set of these for my mantle. What a great heirloom!

got the blue one for Lil B
Stuff Made by Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea makes the cutest plushies. I've had my eye on one for my son for a while but when I got looking at them up close and personal, Sweet Pea suggest I pick one up with a cap on it.

According to her website: My recent obsessions are with plushies and prints, but I can't be limited to just that. I work from my kitchen table while my husband works in the garage making sculptures and my grouchy, black cat sleeps on the couch. The smell of coffee is ever present and the stereo is always on. Making stuff is my favorite thing to do.

Want want want!
Altered Designs by Tami
Tami takes watch parts and makes amazing necklaces. She takes scrabble pieces and makes rings and each time I look at her work, I want all of it! I didn't purchase anything for me but I did covert that necklace you see pictured to the left.

According to Tami's website her inspirations comes from being an altered artist I love looking for odd bits and bobbles that typically go unnoticed. Old cameras that no longer work become sculptures. Perhaps these funny little boys and girls will take you to the past or simply put a smile on a visitor's face. My custom made typewriter key bracelets can hold images of family near or far; bringing them closer to the ones that wear them. I collage necklaces using glass slides with vintage and new items that can compliment your mood and attire. I hope that you enjoy these pieces and they can be passed on to friends and family and bring a little bit of joy into your lives.

If you live in Bend, the Indie Craft Loft is happening today until 5 p.m. and tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Gossamer, the Knitting Place.

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