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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In 2011, I resolve to

Lil B and his loot
Each year I say "I won't let the holidays get the best of me. They won't be stressful and I won't say 'woo, what happened?'" But I'm going to say it anyway -- woo, what happened?

I've been light on posts due to the holidays, parties and the one too many cookies I've eaten.  It's that time of year to reflect on what changes need to be made in the new year. I've been making a mental list in my head for weeks but it's time now to put fingers to keys and really commit.

So in 2011, I resolve to:
Change up my iPod in the Jeep. Right now, A Ghost is Born has taken over Wilco (The Album)'s spot. Before that, many U2 cds (I took U2 off my iPod and I think I need to do this to Wilco).

Attempt one craft project a month. For January's project, I am going to make glitter heels, inspired by these and Homa, who whenever I see her is wearing the cutest glitter heels.

Cook or bake one recipe a week from my stash of cookbooks. My cookbooks seem lonely. I'll be working from a Giada book in January. I hope to discover some new recipes and add them to our family rotation.

I will attempt to make homemade gnocchi and tamales.

I try to attempt making different varieties of homemade breads.

Get outside with my family once a week. I live in paradise, yet getting my family to go anywhere other than the park is like pulling teeth. Honestly, my husband would rather be inside playing his guitar but with his support, we will venture out and do something in our lovely paradise at least once a week.

Get healthy. I was telling my friend Ethan that the only healthy thing I've been putting in my mouth as of late is the good food from the fabulous food cart Soupcon. I promise to eat healthier. I have yet to really define the parameters but it I have thought about going vegan but I don't think that will work out with my cookbook resolution SO I will workout 4 days a week and eat in moderation. Diabetes runs in my family and I need to drop some weight. My hope is to get up at 5 am Monday through Friday and get in some exercise and also work on my blog before work.

Work on my green plan. Thanks for Practically Green, I am working on my 2011 Green Plan. More will come on that.

Save money. I have an amount in mind. That's all I will say.

Ask for experiences, not gifts. This year I asked for baking items. I really don't need anything but I want to be a better bread baker. Instead of asking for a material item, maybe an experience is in order. I have a few in mind.

Buy/sell used more used items. Ebay! Freecycle! Craigslist here I come!

Play with my son more. Sometimes I just get fixated on my to do list. Life is short. Sure, I'll help you with that puzzle, Lil B.

Date night once a month with my husband. Sometimes we get caught up in being parents that we don't take time to connect. Let's make that a priority.

Be grateful. Helps keep the negativity away.

Figure out my career path. I know what I want to do ... I just have to do it.

Engage more in social media (for the sake of my blog). I need to comment on blogs, interact on facebook and build a community, along with build a brand. I work in marketing and you'd think I would already be doing this. My hope is to emerge from bed at 5 am and either work out or engage in social media Monday through Friday. I'm also saving money to attend BlogHer in August and Blissdom in 2012.

Buy less stuff. That goes for everyone in my family.

Organize my closets. If this takes me emailing photos to my sister-in-law Ann and having her come up with a plan, well, then so be it!

Attend a music festival with my family. This one would be AWESOME.

OK, I think that is enough for now. More on my green plan later!



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