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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The thing about Christmas

Lil B in front of our tree
I've been light on the holiday posts mainly because I really didn't know where to start on making it a eco-friendly Christmas. I have had some guidance from Practically Green, my usual spot, but I have to admit, I've  been observing this year.

We would totally fail at being a zero waste household. My husband and I live away from most of our extended family so box after box of gifts have arrived for us and our recycle cart is full. So much for cutting down on the waste.  Instead of tackling the whole list, we did two of the six items suggested not to overwhelm ourselves and add more stress.

I really like reusing boxes, bags, bows and wrapping paper. I haven't had to buy these items in a few years. We also bought a real tree (not a live one) and plan to use it as firewood for our pit when we're finished.

I did cut down on the amount of holiday cards I sent out this year. Usually, we do around 100 but I cut the list down to 25 family members. Some of my family members still really enjoy getting holiday cards so I double them as thank you notes and wrote a personal message on the back. I do feel that thank you cards in the mail are important and more thoughtful and my dad is really good at reminding me about that extra special important touch.

So, on the list for next year? I plan to make gifts and holiday cards. I'm not exactly the craftiest person in the world so I'm saving ideas now. I've saved all the cards I've received since moving here so one thought is to make ornaments out of them and use them as gifts.

In the next coming days, I'm going to talk about our green New Year's resolutions. Yes, we have green goals already but I plan on adding and tweaking what we're already working on.

Until then, Merry Christmas from my family and I!

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