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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Down with the phone book?

Image via State of Oregon
In the age of the Internet, I've asked myself for years "Why are phone books still in existence?" They show up on my doorstep and I immediately recycle the darn thing.

When one shows up at work, I use it for a monitor stand. Since working in marketing over the years, I've had to buy from the various yellow page folks that come around. This year, one met with me and noticed my fancy monitor stand phone book and wasn't too please. I wasn't embarrassed at all either. I haven't looked in the phone book since the 90s for information just only to verify the information I placed was correct. I have used my smartphone and google for years to do this! I don't need a book.

I was SO SO SO happy when I came across opting out to receive phone books via fellow Oregonian's EnviroMom.

Oregon DEQ has a web page devoted to opting out of receiving phone books. Happy dance! Happy dance! Yes, it is the little things that get me through the day.

Thanks Oregon DEQ! Thanks EnviroMom!


  1. Suprisingly, there have been several times that I found information in the phone book that I couldn't find online. Particularly being new to an area and not knowing about parks and such. It has been harder for me to find the right search words, phrases, magic for online seaching than to pick up a trusty old phone book and go to the community pages. There was also a time I couldn't find the attorney I wanted online and I found him right away in the phone book.


  2. I always *want* to use those opt-out sites, until I read their privacy policies and find out what they are able to do with my information, which for some includes releasing it to third parties for whatever *their* purposes are.

    I'll simply use my phone books for prepping canvas for those "arty projects" and continue to recycle. :(



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