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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Greening cosmetics: concealer

Jane Iredale Dream Tint
Remember when I said I was looking to green the last two products in my make-up bag: mascara and concealer?  Well, I did some digging and found my perfect concealer/foundation match with Jane Iredale. When I visited my friend, the derm PA, because I was allergic to the moisturizer and facial cleanser I was using, she suggested I try Jane Iredale as they rate pretty well on the Skin Deep database.

The good thing about Jane Iredale is that the company I work for sells it in their cosmetic services department (and we get a great employee discount) so I made an appointment on my lunch break to get a color match with the esthetician.

I had a product in mind but when I met with the esthetician, she suggested two different products. I pulled out my phone and checked and they both rated with a two (ok, why isn't there an app for this?)! I walked out with JI Dream Tint and JI Active Light Under Eye Concealer. Now, when I whipped out my phone, I had to explain that I needed to check it's rating as I was trying to detoxify my make-up bag. She did suggest and give me a sample of SkinCeuticals Phoyto Corrective Gel for my rosacea but the score of 4 kinda freaked me out. I guess 4 is better than 8-10.

In the end, I use the Under Eye Concealer for more than my under eye area. I use it on the side of my nose and a little in the cheek area. I do use the Dream Tint but not everyday. This team is a regular part of my Mon- Fri 8-5 beauty regimen.

Now, to find a new mascara that will blow me away.


  1. Shannon. I am glad you found some products that work for you and support your goals to detox your beauty products. I am also happy Becky was able to help you out. I love your blog. Let us know how we can help in Dermatology.

  2. Becky was very patient and understanding as I was looking the scores up on my phone. I'm so happy our employer sells this product.

    And thanks to you, Alyssa for helping me with my skin issues.



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