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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I promise you won't smell like a salad all day

Friday while shopping for groceries, I was reminded that being eco-friendly doesn't mean going broke. I used to spend $10 on conditioner at Costco but instead, I spent $1.93 for a 32 ounces of plain label apple cider vinegar. I have been using vinegar since August to condition my hair once a week and I have had so many compliments on how shiny it is, it's been unbelievable.

I went back to giving baking soda again another try as I've gone from using it every other day along with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle on the other days. I will say, my favorite shampoo by far has been Bubble and Bee's Peppermint and Tea Tree shampoo. If  I can't end up using baking soda to clean my hair, then when I'm done with the TJ's stuff, it's back to Bubble and Bee.

How do I use the apple cider vinegar for conditioner? I put  a couple tablespoons in a plastic cup and fill the rest with water, pour on my head, work it in and rinse it out really well.

And no, I don't smell like a salad the rest of the day.



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