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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No one complained or even knew

image courtesy of No More Dirty Looks
For five days last week, I didn't use soap on my body in the shower. I saw this awesome challenge on one of my favorite blogs called the No Soap Challenge and decided to take the plunge.
"The rules: No soap, no body wash, nada. This one isn’t about hair though, so you can totally shampoo—just don’t be cheating with those suds. (And yes, for the sake of basic human decency, we encourage you to continue to wash your hands and private parts, obviously.)"
I decided to go under the radar with this challenge. I didn't tell anyone -- not my husband, co-workers or friends -- to see if anyone would notice. And guess what, no one did notice. I even asked my husband after the challenge was over  and he swears I smelled the same (and swears he is being honest about it).

What I did notice? My skin was not dry and flakey and I used less lotion. My armpits didn't smell. And my skin was softer. I also used hot water and jojoba oil to wash my face because it wasn't until I read the comments on the No Dirty Looks blog today that I read I could use facial cleanser.

The verdict? I will try to be less dependent on soap. For the sake of my skin. But I'll leave how much soap I use a mystery so I don't have random people sniffing me.


  1. Who knew there was such a challenge? I basically do this already. We use Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap and I do shower daily. Twice. In the morning by my lonesome and at night with Mister. It's our "how was your day" time. But, I don't always lather up. Actually, I probably only do so once or twice a week. How dirty does one get sitting at a computer all day?

    Same goes for shampoo, which I also use Dr. B for. That only gets done once a week or less. My hair has never been better! I do shave daily/every other day though. Dr. B is my go to for that as well. So technically I use soap from the waist down.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. I used to use Dove and then in August started using Bubble and Bee, then switched to very diluted Dr. Bronners. I think the lesson I learned was I really don't need to lather up every day.

  3. I did the same challenge and also convinced my teens to join in... and had similar results! I will be using MUCH less soap from now on!




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