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Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting crafty: Valentine's Day crackers

Made with love
I didn't know that when my son entered pre-school at 2, that we'd already be having Valentine's parties at school.

At pick up on Monday, I was handed a note that I needed bring 20 Valentine's cards to hand out to the kids in class for Valentine's Day.

Bound and determined not to buy them, I sat down on Monday, with my son and started to make them. I cut hearts and Lil B tried to glue them. The whole idea was that he would eventually color on them to give it that toddler/pre-schooler touch but he wasn't having it. Oh well, maybe next year? As of right now, 16 of them are done and I will probably finish them after he goes to bed tonight or tomorrow. Yay me! Supermom! (I can't wait until he's old enough to do this himself or at least help).

For weeks,  I have been saving toilet paper rolls to go in my worm bin but then I had a brilliant idea ... I'll make Valentine's snack crackers for the teachers, my son and my husband!

items needed for Valentine's Snack
What do you need?

  • toilet paper rolls
  • pink or red tissue paper
  • curling ribbon
  • candy 

I assembled them by putting an appropriate amount of candy in the toilet paper roll. Then I cut the tissue in half and rolled the toilet paper roll full of candy up, securing the ends with the curling ribbon. So easy! So simple and all I had to buy was the candy!

Very easy craft!

What easy crafts have you done for Valentine's day?



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