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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green plan: Use ceramic or glass instead of plastic in the microwave

In the background, I'm working on a few of my green plan action items. I've started a bin for my junk mail so I can unsubscribe and receive less in the mailbox. I'm also working with my brother-in-law on a the right home energy monitoring system. I had NO idea they could cost as much as $600! I'm researching the best natural mascara's to replace my current favorite. My husband and I are trying to figure out how we're going to garden this summer when we don't really have a yard. I've been browsing Freecycle for free stuff and started an Ebay pile too. See, stuff in the works but really no update.

my plastic drawer
To the left, is my plastic container drawer. Less than a year ago, I had NO idea that I should not be microwaving them or reheating my leftovers or lunches! At the same time, I was re-heating my son's daily dose (and I'm not kidding, it's the only thing he eats, of chicken nuggets)  on plastic kiddie plates. (insert bad mommy face)

Why should you reheat items in glass or ceramic? According to Practically GreenHeating plastic in the microwave may leach toxins such as DEHA and BPA into food depending on what kind of plastic it is. To be safe and avoid confusion, a "no plastic in the microwave" policy can avoid exposure to those chemicals which have been found in high concentrations to be linked to diabetes, heart disease and liver failure. Using ceramic also reduces the waste associated with plastic. (insert bad mommy face, yet again)

I have been making good use of my Pyrex and ceramic dishes. I still use the plastic to store and freeze, I just don't use it in the microwave.

Remember this coffee cup?  It has started to be my "soup" container when I visit Soupcon. It's the same size of his paper bowls and that way, I won't be wasting paper/plastic.

Be green and happy, peeps!


  1. We have these little glass containers for leftovers and I *love* them. The lids don't snap on though, so they could leak while transporting. A reused rubber band from asparagus keeps the lid from coming off though.

  2. This is one of my goals also, but I am a big failure. I struggle with two things:
    - Transporting and reheating leftovers at work.
    - We use kids plates, so it seems like a lot of steps to transfer from tupperware to ceramic to heat, and then transfer again to plates to serve.
    Yes, Lazy.

  3. Alissa, I transport in plastic and then re-heat on a plate that I keep in my desk (also have a fork, spoon and knife). I also heat everything for Ben on a glass plate and was transfering to a plastic one. It was until recently that I have completely ditched the plastic kid plates all together.

    And no, you're not lazy ... you have two kids!



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