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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Revisiting my New Year's Resolutions

Here is an update on my New Year's Resolutions ... I also am looking for a resolution buddy. If you're interested, comment and I'll get back to you. 

So here goes ...
Change up my iPod in the Jeep. I have yet to take Wilco and Radiohead off my iPod but I did listen to Mumford and Sons, Sleigh Bells and Edward Sharpe in the Jeep. Working out, well, was a different story. It was very much fueled by Radiohead and I did listen to A Ghost is Born a few times -- I needed my Spiders (Kidsmoke), folks!

Attempt one craft project a month. I hope art show in my son's room counts.

Cook or bake one recipe a week from my stash of cookbooks.  I cooked from Giada's New Italian Favorites. Next month is Great Food Fast by Martha Stewart.

I will attempt to make homemade gnocchi and tamales. I have time on this one.

I try to attempt making different varieties of homemade breads. I made brioche and rosemary potato bread.

Get outside with my family once a week. This only happened once as the weather was crappy two weekends and one weekend we were busy. We are helping our son learn how to ride a bike so we spent an hour going through our neighborhood helping him.
Lil B learning to ride his bike

Get healthy.  I am watching what I eat most of the time (80%) and I walked 31 miles in January compared to December where I only walked 4 miles. I also lost 4  5 pounds but I blame that on stress. I did try to get up at 5 am and either work out or work on my blog. Sadly, this only happened once. I guess I'm not a morning person!

Work on my green plan. Marked two off of my green plan

Save money. Opened an account at a different bank  and I made my first deposit last Friday. On the flip side, my property taxes are due and I may have to break into that account to pay the bill. :(

Ask for experiences, not gifts. My birthday is this Thursday and I asked for cash so I could put it towards my BlogHer 2011 trip. Friends also donated to one of my favorite charities in my name (and still can).

Buy/sell used more used items. I bought my son some discontinued Finding Nemo toys on eBay. 

Play with my son more. Though he's been a stinker, I have set more time to read and play. I have found that he prefers to snuggle before naps which has been a nice way for him to unwind. I took some time on my mom's birthday to tell him some stories about her and show him photos since he'll never get to meet her.

Date night once a month with my husband. Had two date nights in the month of January! Sushi and drinks night and then out to a friend's birthday. In February, we're planning on going to First Friday this week.

Be grateful. Working on this. It's a battle but I am trying to find the good in the bad. The terrible twos, lack of sleep due to sick and teething toddler and not getting enough time to myself. I am grateful. I'm alive. I have an awesome life.

Figure out my career path. Work in progress. I think I'm getting closer on this one.

Engage more in social media. Commenting more on other blogs has brought my traffic up as well as starting a new twitter account. I also participated in a twitter party and won a prize! 

Buy less stuff.  I have made a conscience effort to buy more in bulk as it's cheaper and contains less packaging. I haven't bought any clothes and have watched what I have bought at the grocery store too. I did splurge on these little notecards from a local friend/artist and I did buy the $20 Amazon giftcard for $10 so I could get two cds I needed to add to my collection.

Organize my closets. Have not done this yet.

Attend a music festival with my family. No decision on this yet.

OK, that looks like good progress! Can't wait to see what February brings.

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