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Thursday, February 10, 2011

TMI time: getting busy and going natural in the bedroom

You read that right, I'm going there ... in a tasteful way.

Skip the expensive stuff and
just pick up a jar of coconut oil
Recently, I was invited to an in-home "pleasure party." I needed a night out and it's always nice to see the girls.  As of late, I have discovered that going natural with my beauty products meant allergies and itchy red skin. I found that anything with citrus irritated my "normal" skin. When it comes to more natural facial cleanser and moisturizers, I need to stick to the sensitive skin lines.

As the consultant passed around the items,  many were filled with natural oils and ingredients and stayed way from artificial fragrances and flavorings. Good for them!  But when it came to the lubricants though, I already knew what worked ... coconut oil.

Skip the pleasure party folks and just go grab a $6 jar of coconut oil. It has many uses besides sitting on your nightstand. You can use it to cook with, make deodorant or use as a lotion.

But, if the thought of coconut oil just doesn't do it for your man, I recently have heard rave reviews about Oregon owned company Good Clean Love.


  1. Is there nothing coconut oil can't do? :)

  2. Coconut oil, huh? Very interesting! I've just added it to the shopping list for the week!



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