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Monday, March 21, 2011

Meatless Monday: Veggie spring pizza

Veggie spring pizza
We have pizza weekly in our house. If my husband would have it his way, it would be meat pizzas all the time (and we do have the occasional traditional sausage, black olive pizza in our household).

I make pizza crust twice a month since my favorite recipe makes two crusts, I refrigerate the leftovers which needs to be made within a week. Sometimes I will make a pizza or make breadsticks topped with parmesan.

I recently ran across a inspirational recipe from Everyday Food that made my mouth water that incorporated spring veggies that I modified. I made the pizza before my husband came home so I didn't get the usual "why don't you put meat on that pizza." He walked into a wonderful smelling house and couldn't wait to have a bite.

Veggie Spring Pizza
inspired by Everyday Food

1 jar of marinated artichokes, quartered, drained but reserve marinade
1 large bunch of asparagus, trimmed into 2 inch pieces
1 pint of cherry tomatoes (I only used half of them)
1 pizza dough (homemade or store bought)
3 cups cheese (I used mozzarella but the recipe calls for gruyere)

Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Combine artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes in a bowl. Roll out pizza dough to desired shape on baking stone. Brush marinade on dough (make sure you get the sides) and arrange with vegetables and then top with cheese. Bake pizza for 10-14 minutes. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I so wish I was having this for dinner tonight. I'm working, so I made tonight's dinner last night - homemade chicken pot pie. The fam doesn't do MM unless I'm home!



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