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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Natural pet treats

I've been blogging since July but I haven't mentioned Charlie, our dog. Charlie used to be our baby but since having my son, he's been more of a pet than our baby.

My husband had this fun idea years ago that we make youtube movies of our dog. Charlie's Oregon Dog Tales was born ...

Charlie is a mix of a sheltie, corgi and mini-spaniel and if we don't keep him brushed and groomed, he gets kinda messy. I took him to get groomed yesterday and I couldn't remember the last time I had him groomed. How embarrassing when you take him to your friend's  pet salon?

Charlie really has needed some love lately (and some walks ... he's been pretty sedentary this winter). Lil B loves him by throwing down extra food (a habit we need to stop) and also by riding Charlie's back.  When it came to treats, I usually bought what was on sale in the pet aisle.

oil, organic egg, water and natural bbq sauce
helps make these dog cookies
That all changed when I met Judy Duncan, a local entrepreneur with a natural dog treat mix called Maggie's Dog Munchies.   Judy used to buy her dog special treats and the store closed so she spent some time trying to find the right blend of oats, flour and flavorings and out of that was born Maggie's Dog Munchies.

Maggie's uses Bob Red Mills flour and comes in four flavors: Apple, Oats Ginger, Peanut Butter, Cheesy and BBQ.

Since my dog needed some TLC and Judy wanted to learn a bit about Facebook, she gave me a mix of BBQ to try (well, Charlie to try) and review.

Lil B and I threw the mix in the KitchenAid along with natural BBQ sauce, an egg, oil and water and blended it up. I had to keep reminding my son that these were dog cookies and he couldn't eat the mix several times.

It blended up quickly and we had a few options on making the cookies.

  • roll into a log and cut
  • roll out and use a cookie cutter
  • roll out in a bar pan and score.
We did option 1 and 3 (pictured below) and yielded about 70 cookies.
Roll out and score
Charlie has been in love since first bite. Each day, we let Lil B reward Charlie with a Maggie's Dog Munchie cookie but have to remind it, they are only for dogs.

Other than being made from Bob's Red Mill ingredients, one of the other cool things about Maggie's Dog Munchie's is that they are manufactured locally in Bend by CORIL.

If you're looking for other ways to go natural with your pet, Practically Green has some ideas. Maybe they should make "buy or make natural dog treats" as an action?

Disclaimer:  Though I received one bag for review free of charge, the opinion of this product is my own. I also helped with building Maggie's Dog Munchies Facebook page.

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