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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revisiting my New Year's Resolutions, February edition

Wow, tomorrow is March? I can't believe it. It looks like I'm starting to make some progress, slowly. I guess you can be the judge of that. 

Change up my iPod in the Jeep.  This month I acquired King of Limbs, the latest from my second favorite group, Radiohead (U2 is #1, Radiohead #2, Wilco #3) and spent the first week, really wondering if I was ever going to get into the album. I was fearing that it would be another No Line on the Horizon (the first U2 album I didn't like). Turns out, it took a week for me to get into it. 

Attempt one craft project a month.  For Valentine's Day, I helped my son make homemade Valentine's and crackers for friends, neighbors and Grandma. When my son came home from school, I noticed he received all store bought cards. Even one bearing Justin Bieber. 

Cook or bake one recipe a week from my stash of cookbooks.  Meals were prepared from Everyday Food's Great Food Fast, a favorite and battered cookbook that has the recipes seasonally divided. I cooked/baked from the winter section. Still up in the air what to do for March!

I will attempt to make homemade gnocchi and tamales. Have not done this yet.

I try to attempt making different varieties of homemade breads. I spent a Saturday making Ciabatta. I think I need some bread shaping lessons. 

Get outside with my family once a week. Winter finally came to Central Oregon at the end of the month but there were two weekends of really nice weather and my son spent a good amount of that time at the park or riding his bike.  The last two weekends were bitter cold or snowy. The snowy weekend my son insisted on going outside and making a snowman. The cold weekend, we went to the indoor park.

Get healthy. Miles walked this month: 14. Pounds lost: 0. I am banking on spring weather will drive up the mileage and drive down the pounds. 

Work on my green plan. Thanks for Practically Green, I am working on my 2011 Green Plan. I crossed off "use ceramic glass or plastic" and participated in tracking my plastic. Major lessons were learned and I was mortified at how much plastic I was throwing away. I am working on several green plan projects as we speak so March will be more productive. 

Save money. Made a little progress until it was time to pay the property taxes.

Ask for experiences, not gifts.  I made my family dinner for Valentine's day.

Buy/sell used more used items. I posted on Freecycle that I was looking for anyone looking to get rid of their animated Disney DVDs. One person contacted me saying they had a load of Nickelodeon DVDs but most I can get on Netflix streaming so I passed.  

Play with my son more.  Lots of train tracks were assembled and dismantled. Many new books discovered and for some reason, my son doesn't like Legos.

Date night once a month with my husband. We went out to Art Walk for my birthday. 

Be grateful. Work in progress. 

Figure out my career path. Work in progress. I think I'm getting closer on this one.

Engage more in social media. The first half of the month was awesome. I found time each night to comment, read and engage and then towards the end of the month, life was a little hectic. You probably noticed that I didn't blog or Facebook too much at the end f the month. I realized that life does happen and taking a break is OK. And no one complained. 

Buy less stuff.  No major purchases.

Organize my closets. No decision on this yet.

Attend a music festival with my family. No decision on this yet.


  1. Do you have the recipe for Ciabatta?

  2. Shannon - I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog! I've been spending more time blog surfing lately (probably due to starting my own blog), but yours is one I check out every day! You use the perfect mixture of fact-based tips and personal "stuff" to always keep it interesting and fresh! From our shared love of Jeff Tweedy, to our hatred for chemicals, I think we have some cool things in common!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. WW - I will scan the recipe and get it to you. It's from the Bread Baker's Apprentice.

    Catie, thank you! Where do you live? I tried to figure it out from your blog.

  4. I'm from Bloomington, Indiana - the home of Indiana University!



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