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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Easter eggs

Last night, the little one (well, mostly me) colored eggs for Easter. Some of my friends will boil up 4 dozen and color them but I only opted to do six eggs -- 4 white and 2 brown eggs as I'm not a fan of eating hard boiled eggs for weeks. I know from last year that using brown eggs will give them a nice jewel tone.
eggs from 2010
The year, I tried the eco-eggs easter egg coloring kit and I got good results (last year, I used PAAS). I  let the eggs sit longer in the dye to get rich colors but I still think they could have used a longer time (more like 30 mins).
eggs from 2011
My husband and I wish we would have done another blue as they really looked like Robin eggs and I really like how the brown in the purple dye turned out pink. 

As you can see, the kid was pretty excited about the eggs.
Looks like a Robin egg

counting eggs
Happy Easter! How are you celebrating? We'll be attending an Easter egg hunt, going to brunch and seeing the family that lives locally. 

1 comment:

  1. The eggs looked great! I wanted to try some natural egg dye ideas, but gave up after seeing so many fails posted online. Maybe we'll try the eco-eggs next year!

    As for celebrating, our day was a lot like yours. We did a Easter egg hunt, and had brunch at my grandma's. It was a great day until I had to head to work.



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