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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green plan: plant containers and vegetable garden

Believe it or not, there are times I miss Nebraska. As much as I like the fact that the weather in Central Oregon is rather mild (never too hot or cold), this year, our spring was rather cold and rainy. So much for the claim that Central Oregon has 300 days of sun? It seemed while my Nebraskan family and friends were planting their garden's around Mother's Day, it was just this past weekend when we finally felt safe to plant containers and our small vertical garden.

If my husband had it his way, we'd have a deck full of gutters but since this project is new to us, I only allowed him to do two rows of gutters (I know, I'm mean).

Since we waited so long, we couldn't find starter plants so my husband planted butter lettuce seeds and green onions. I hope we're not too late on this.

Since some of our friends have had great success with Topsy Turvy's, we also did two tomato plants and a variety of herbs in one.

I also did two containers of herbs. I put the mint in it's own container because I would like to have that all year round for mojitos.

All that for $42! Now, since I don't have a green thumb, it's up to my husband to water and keep everything healthy. Hopefully, we don't kill everything!

How are your garden's going?

This knocks off three goals on our Practically Green Green Plan for 2011.


  1. This is so inspiring! Good for you guys!

  2. So glad I'm not the only one that waited until there was no frost on the ground to plant!



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