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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh blog, how I have missed you

Life has been hectic ... here is my life in photos:

My son celebrated his 3rd birthday ... where does the time go ...

My son gave up his binkie. Well, I cut it and then he decided to flush the "broken" binkie down the toilet. I know, not very eco-friendly but we're now 10 days binkie free and Lil B is talking up a storm. The downside is that the transition has been just ok. He still can't figure out how to fall asleep and his old routine won't work. He also won't nap unless you drive him in the car for 20 mins. He's also refusing to sleep at pre-school and throwing massive fits. I pray each night that this will pass.

"big mousey" as the kid calls it

There was the whole marmot (aka rock chuck, large ground squirrel) living in our car incident. My husband unknowingly picked two up at his office and transported them home. You know how to get marmots out of your car? Just leave the hood open overnight and they'll leave because it's not warm in there anymore. In the end, our car had to be towed and fixed and it wasn't cheap. But, it was a blessing because I drove it (Honda Civic vs Jeep Liberty) to the Columbia River Gorge for wine tastings and to Central Washington to the Sasquatch Festival. Saved a boat load in gas.

driving through Yakima, WA

acoustic Tweedy
A lot of people do not get my love for Wilco and I'm ok with that but it was nice to be surrounded by so many people that get it (25,000 ppl that get it). Wilco is a band you just have to see live. Listening to cds or watching YouTube videos won't do. I don't regret the 700 miles roundtrip, bumps and bruises from standing in the front row to get my prized spot or all the alone drive time. The concert was the best I've seen. Jeff Tweedy was rather cheerful and had this goofy grin on his face the whole time. Nels Cline had some amazing guitar solos. I walked away truly blessed to have been there

This weekend my husband had his benefit concert for his sister with breast cancer. My brothers-in-law came up to represent Natasha, who couldn't make the trip. It was nice to spend some time with family!

We haven't planted our vertical garden yet because it actually snowed Memorial Day weekend. (Yes, you read that right). We plan on working on that this week so look for an update.

I think that just about covers life in my house. I have tons of blog ideas just need to get them all hammered out but it's good to be back!

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  1. Well, super belated happy birthday to your son. I wish him well.



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