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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green plan addition: Switch to a reusable lunch-box

June for our family meant finding a new preschool for our son. Bottom line was it wasn't a good fit for him. We knew one thing, he needed to be with more kids his age as the mix age group, small in-home preschool he was just leaving him (and us) frustrated.

I spent spring of 2010 going to school after school so I went back to my top choices and there were full and then a co-worker told me about her place which sounded perfect except one thing: I had to pack a lunch each day for my son.

To me, that is a big deal as I'm a working mom but at the same time, I was also pretty concerned that my son was getting fed things at school that I didn't want him eating (sugary cereals and bread with HFCS). Now I have control!

As I was looking through my blogs, I noticed Practically Green has added some new green action to their site. One of them happened to be switch to a reusable lunch-box!

Sure, I have plenty of lunch bags I like and a couple of Lunchskins but the thought of using plastic bags each day to hold fruits, veggies or a sandwich was driving me batty.

Lo and behold, the Goodbyn! (via Practically Green)
Pack a waste-free lunch with Goodbyn lunchboxes. Individually sealing compartments eliminate the need for plastic bags and drink boxes while keeping foods separate. Goodbyn says their products are 100% recyclable, top-drawer dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and always made in the USA.
And the cool thing? PG had 10% off the Goodbyn! No plastic bags needed! No drink box! Ha! I'm in love.

When it came, my husband helped my son decorate it with the stickers it came with and the teachers at school told me that me that my son was super proud of his lunch box. Each morning he marches in with it.

Now, I have to get creative with the snacks because I have a pretty picky eater. And now I secretly want one for my lunch.
Turkey cheese quesadilla, mangos, carrots, blueberries, cheese and a banana

1 comment:

  1. This is super cute! Elliott starts kindergarten this fall, but he'll only be half day, so I have one more year to get his (a.k.a. my) lunch issues sorted out!



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