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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green plan: Drive on a short trip (less than 400 miles) and give an experiential gift

My trusty 1997 Honda Civic
The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is there are many short day trips within hours. The beauty of the Pac North is all my favorite bands like to tour around the area as well in the summer which means ROAD TRIP!

Last spring, I was pretty excited when three of my favorite bands were playing venues less than 400 miles from Bend .. Wilco, My Morning and the Avett Brothers.

 After a long long winter, I ventured to Columbia River Gorge wine country with a friend and then onto the Gorge Amphitheatre for the Sasquatch Music Festival to see Wilco with a different group of friends.

When I asked her if it was OK to take my trusty ole '97 Honda instead of my gas hog Jeep Liberty to save gas money, she thought it was a good idea. Gas in the Honda will run me $30 a tank (used to be a lot lower before the prices went up) versus $60 in the Jeep.

Highlights included standing in close quarters for 7 hours so I can get a spot front row to see Wilco, wine tasting at my favorite winery, Waving Tree and catching up with my friend Jo Ann.

Total mileage: 600 miles from Bend, OR to George, WA with stops in Arlington, OR and Ellensburg, WA.

Next up, another friend really wanted to see My Morning Jacket at Troutdale's Edgefield. This venue is one of my favorites. If you book your hotel when tickets for shows are announced you can usually snag a room at this venue. This historic site offers a few dining options, a brewery, winery, distillery and plenty of bars open late all on the same campus. It's the perfect adult amusement park and perfect for your morning hangover. Don't ask me how I know this.

Total mileage: 300 miles from Bend, OR to Troutdale, OR (eastern suburb to Portland).  

My husband turned 39 last week. Geez, he is getting old! When it was announced that the Avett Brothers were playing an outdoor show in Salem, OR the day before his birthday, I decided to give him an experiential birthday gift of tickets to the show. Plus, it was like killing two birds with one stone for my Practically Green plan.

A friend offered to watch our son overnight so we enjoyed wine tasting, dinner before the concert (TAPAS!) and drinks after the concert AND we got to sleep in the next day and go out to breakfast without our three year old sidekick!

Total mileage: 300 miles from Bend, OR to Salem, OR

With all these trips to concerts happening this summer, the Honda has a new name -- the concert car. Make fun of my old car but it only has 115,000 miles and runs like a champ. It may not look too pretty and it's small but it's sure easy on gas.

Learn more about my green plan goal of driving on a short trip 400 miles and less on Practically Green.

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