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Monday, July 11, 2011

Meatless Monday: Grilled zucchini

Oh hey Internet, it's me, Shannon. I'm still here but my usual blogging time (8-10 pm at night) has been interrupted by summer and a certain three year old who has decided that his bedtime is now 9:30 pm.
summer days, mean summer popsicles. 
The 9:30 pm bedtime is due to the fact his whole routine got screwed up when he flushed his binkie over a month ago. Nothing has really worked except Ben getting in bed with me at 9:30 pm. So, we make the most of it now. We go swimming, for walks, play on the deck, learn how to bike and Skype grandpa, who's a night owl living in Louisiana.  We have been living green  and working on our goals.

Meatless Monday has been turned into "whatever is in our CSA."  I don't even meal plan for Meatless Monday -- I just use whatever is in our CSA.  Last week, I grilled zucchini.

Slice, oil, season, grill
It's as easy as heat up your grill pan, slice the zucchini, oil, season and grill on each side. That evening, we also enjoyed a classic caprese salad.

Quick and easy so we can get back to this:

My husband has learned to not mention the "pirate ship park" as it's frequent request from the three year old and code for "forget the park, I just want to swim and throw rocks in the Deschutes."



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