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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My garden is a failure

Yesterday my husband told me he wanted to make fried green tomatoes with the two tomatoes on the vine. My response? There are only two? Really? You see, I don't claim to have a green thumb so the garden has been all Brian's, who in the past, has had no problem with gardening.

Gardening in Central Oregon is tricky. Our growing seasons is short and you really have to baby your stuff. We took a gamble with the Topsy Turvy and only got two tomatoes. My neighbor Kevin, he wheels his tomatoes in and out of the house moving from shade to sun and puts them in the garage each night. His tomatoes are flourishing!

So how is the lettuce? It's growing but I think they are getting too much sun. Notice the brown? We are going to try to move them this week to the other side of the deck and see if it helps.
Our herbs? They haven't grown much ... What are we doing wrong?

The only thing that may be flourishing is the green onions but we'll see. 

I knew I would have some failures on this journey but boy, what an epic one! I would love some advice. Maybe gutter gardening isn't for us!


  1. Gutter gardening can be done by anyone as long as they got the knowledge of what their plants needs. The gardener must provide the soil nutrients that the plants needs for them to grow well. Get to know what kind of soil nutrients your plants needs and you will have success. Good luck!

  2. We've worked with gutter gardens three years in a row...we're in Northeast Oregon. Epic failure every time. Everything is stunted. I think it looks better on Pintarest than in reality...or I just suck.



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