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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Using the lost and found on Craigslist

My son gets attached to things. He's mostly attached to his blue blanket and Mumble the Penguin but he also likes to rotate out a thing or two.

A few months ago, he started carrying around a stuffed animal Rainbow Trout he picked out when we were at the Oregon Coast. He took that thing everywhere -- well, that was until it got lost somewhere at the park.

I still don't really know what happened. My husband and son went to the park to ride bikes around the Deschutes River and the fish never came home. Since I know how much this meant to my son, (I will admit, I cried because he never lost anything plus I'm pregnant and I'm emotional) I posted an ad on Craiglist in the lost and found section describing the fish and how much it meant to my son, hoping someone would find it and get in touch with us.

In the meantime, my husband called the High Desert Museum to see if they had a stuff rainbow trout and if they would waive the fee so my son could come in and pick out a new fish. They had similar fish and welcomed us in to the gift shop without paying for a visit.

Sat down and explained to Benjamin that his trout swam away and we were going to go pick a new fish out. We lead him over to the stuffed animal fish and he picked out a brand new Brown Trout. He didn't even shed a tear about the missing Rainbow Trout.

I didn't hear anything for days but some responded that they had a smaller, similar fish in their Goodwill pile and would love to pass it along to us and also included a stuffed animal salmon. Now, "Brownie" has two babies to sleep with at night.

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