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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Green plan: Sell something on Craigslist

With a new baby coming in the spring, we have to give up our guest room/toy room to make way for Lil B's new room (more on that later). Even though my husband didn't want to, I talked him into selling our couch hide-a-bed that guests used to sleep on when they visited. He was quite attached to it but we had to make some tough choices and he finally parted ways with it.

If you don't know how Craiglist works, here are some tips:

  • To sell your product, make sure you are very descriptive.
  • Use photos. Nothing annoys me more than when someone posts something and doesn't include a photo.
  • Research the market price of your item. Hide-a-bed couches were going for anywhere from $75-$200 in our area so we posted it for $100 and we got $100 for it.
  • Clean the item. If you can't clean it, then maybe the Goodwill is your option for getting rid of it.
  • Post on Saturday or Tuesday. When researching for this post, I discovered you can relist every three days and it seems the general consensus is that people like to browse on Saturday.
  • Make sure you're not alone when someone comes to look at an item. Just a general safety rule and I always make sure when I go to look at something, someone is with me as well.
The folks that bought our couch recently relocated to Bend with nothing so it was nice that our couch went to a good home. 

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