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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creating Holiday Memories: Pick out ornaments from the Goodwill

Setting up our tree was a magical experience for our three year old this year. I was quite disappointed last year when he wasn't too interested in any of it but this year, but I could see it in his eyes this year. He enjoyed filling the tree with ornaments. He's enjoyed making cookies. He's obsessed with Rudolph and Frosty and wants to watch the Polar Express every night. He can't wait to find "Chippy"every morning.

After setting up our tree, Lil B noticed we didn't have an angel or star and talked my husband into going to the store to get one. My husband had remembered a story about our local Goodwill on the news talking about how they have an over abundance of Christmas decor this time of year. While I rested on the couch (this baby just zaps my energy), they headed out and came back with this:

My son loves the color purple and glitter (what kid doesn't?) and I thought it added a nice touch to the tree.

This will definitely be a holiday tradition -- buying a used ornament each year for the tree from the Goodwill. 

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! We don't have a star either, and usually resort to tying a bow on the top of the tree. This year we went without, so next year we'll definitely head to the 'Will.



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