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Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Five

Thank goodness it's Friday.

  • This morning I was told "I hate you" for the first time by my son. He was mad because he wanted to wear his Oregon Ducks jersey for the third day in a row to school. My husband had to work early and the shirts were dirty and I had to make him wear something else. Halfway to school, he threw his shoes at me.
  • This baby is really starting to move a lot. She is really craving double chocolate cake donuts with sprinkles.
  • Lil B is mostly potty trained but can't quite get #2. Any advice? 
  • My husband and I are entering the Inappropriate Elf Contest. His entry was The Shining but I think "step one, put a hole in the box" is probably the winner so far or maybe "wrong pole, Skippy."I have until Sunday to come up with mine.
  • I'm glad the weekend is coming though I need to wrap gifts, get boxes off to grandparents in the mail, bake more cookies and find sometime to blog.

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