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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Green plan and goals for 2012

I had grand plans for 2011. I had a long green list which in the back of my mind, I knew would take two years to accomplish You can view what progress we made by looking at what's checked off on that list.

Here is the remaining list of green goals I'm looking to accomplish in 2012
  • Earn the natural baby badge on Practically Green
  • Switch to compostable trash bags and liners 
  •  Recycle my old computer 
  • Plant a tree or bush 
  •  Install one low-flow shower head
  • Use a home-energy monitoring device to track electricity usage 
  • Install one low-flow faucet 
  • Upgrade my vehicle's fuel-economy by 5 MPG 
  • Buy a bathroom product made from renewable materials
  •  Install LEDs or CFLs in 10 light fixtures 
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean my driveway 
  • Bring hangers back to the drycleaners 
  • Track my trash for one week 
  • Get an energy audit 
  • Install smart power strip to turn off TVs and computers completely 
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room 
  • Wrap a gift using used wrapping paper/boxes/bows/ribbons
  • Send e-cards for holiday 
  • Switch to LED holiday lights
  • Buy organic yogurt added
  • Switch to reusable training pants 
As for last year's resolutions, I stuck to most of them. I didn't learn how to make tamales, nor did a do a craft each month (more like every other month). I lost 15 lbs but then gained it back within 20 weeks of being pregnant. I didn't figure out my career path but came more and more to appreciate my job (even with its up and downs). The one thing I am disappointed in was not finding time to blog or engage in social media, personally.

The problem, I'm a working mom and there is some guilt with being in front of the computer and neglecting my son. My husband was pretty awesome and a couple times a month, would push me out the door to work on my blog at a coffee house. There were times when I just felt like my son (and husband) were a little more important than writing up our latest green goals. I took naps with my son instead (esp. the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy) or we read books or enjoyed a movie. 

This year, I decided to not come up with so many resolutions but come up with ones that will make a meaningful impact. So in 2012, I resolve to:

Have more friends over for dinner. More often then not, my focus is on my job and family which means friends come more of acquaintances. Since I love to cook/bake, I'm going to have more friends over for Sunday dinner. 

Take a parenting class with my husband. I haven't talked much about it but my son had a rough year. Because he had a pacifier for so long, that delayed his speech so in September he started speech therapy. With becoming more vocal (and also being a three year old), he definitely has found his voice and is testing boundaries. We've discovered that our parenting styles are not on the same page and that has confused my son so starting in two weeks, we're taking a three month long parenting class through Lil B's speech program.

Enjoy maternity leave. 

Not fall asleep in my son's bed each night.  After dropping the pacifier, Lil B has either fallen asleep in our bed and moved or I have fallen asleep in his bed. I need to cut the cord before the baby comes or we're going to have big big problems.

Eat more meatless meals. I got this awesome cookbook for Christmas with that goal in mind.

Get the baby room ready by Feb 1. I'm due in April but we have furniture to assemble and clothes to go through. 

Buy used over new for the new baby girl. I've been hitting up our local consignment stores for clothes and items. 

Organize and purge. My closets are still a mess!

OK, that's it for now. What are some of your goals/resolutions?

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  1. Keep up the good work!!! I love your blog!



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