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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Green plan: Use reusable training pants

my son will kill me someday for posting this photo
After 3.5 years of diapers, we're finally diaper free in our house. I will admit, I should have done this sooner but nothing seemed to motive my son -- that was until he saw Cars 2 and he wanted new cars to play with. Everyone had advice for me ... put him and pull-ups and then try to switch back to diapers, he'll throw a fit! Have him aim on things in the potty! Have him watch Daddy! None of it worked, until a few folks told me about the 3 Day Potty Training. I heard about it at a baby shower, over lunch with Nanette and at work. This was going to work. And guess what, it did.

How it works? Have your child throw away their diapers. Watch them carefully as they pee their pants all day and put them on the potty. When they potty in the chair, give them a reward. By day three Ben was going on his own. To get the full details of the training, pay for the e-book and download it. He still has problems wetting the bed at night and has the occasional accident about once a week (like today, he was too busy playing) but it's been glorious for us, especially since we'll be back in the diaper game in a few months.

Instead of using Pull Ups for training (which in my opinion, don't work-- they are like expensive diapers) we had a couple Kushies training pants that we used during a three day period which worked out great. When I would put them on Ben after training, he would demand Spiderman undies because "I'm a big boy."

Yay! Well, until April, I guess.

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