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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Benjamin

Benjamin, what a year it was for you. You accomplished some pretty cool milestones and your little personality continues to blossom.

Year 3 started out with a bang ... you threw your binky in the toilet and flushed it. The bad part? You asked for it within hours and cried yourself to sleep for a week.

You started a new pre-school which was a good move for your development. You began to get regular visits from a speech and behavioral therapist because you weren't talking and getting really frustrated about it. Those visits have helped you considerably as you're finally talking in full sentences.

In November, you were fully potty trained! You gave us a few diaperless months until your sister arrives. You also dropped your nap and get pretty grumpy from 5-7 until you crash. Somehow, you still take one at school but not for us.

Things you love: You went as Spiderman for Halloween and proceeded to wear out two Spiderman costumes wearing them to bed at night. Anything with fish! You carried around a Rainbow and Brown trout for the longest time and then you moved onto ocean fish. Keeping with the aquatic theme, your favorite activity is swimming with daddy. You also are pretty good at drawing fish and are starting to write your letters. You're pretty good at counting too. You learned how to master iPad games geared towards your age and development and are always asking to "download more." You also love  your "Dr. Mills Kit" and play doctor when anyone coughs, sneezes or tells your if you're sick. You love watching Gumball and the Regular Show though they probably aren't age appropriate. We also took you to see your first movie at the theatre ... The Muppets which was my first movie when I was your age.

You're also in love with your sister, EmmyLu, who arrived in March. You're gentle around her and haven't really shown any signs of jealousy. You are always telling me "She is so cute!" This may change but I really hope it doesn't.

The bad: you refuse to sleep in your bed still. Most of the time, you fall asleep in our bed and someone carries you to your room. You're super picky when it comes to food though you're starting to try new things. You are super picky about the clothes you wear. For the longest time, you only would wear Oregon Ducks clothing and now you have named all your clothes after fish and I half the time down know what you're talking about. I guess the bad really isn't that bad of a list.

Here's to year 4. I can't wait to see what it brings.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being mom enough

EmmyLu, chillin'
First things first, this is my first post in a while and a lot has changed. Emmy Lucille (aka EmmyLu) was born 3 weeks early, late in the evening of March 26 via c-section. The last trimester of my pregnancy was rocky and I was put on bed rest, hence the silence in my blogging.

EmmyLu is a good baby with bouts of fussiness due to gas but most of the time, she wants to be held -- the other reason this post is 7 weeks late. She's finally letting go of the closeness (sniff) but at the same time, it was nice to just relax the last 7 weeks and hold a baby just as doctor ordered.  She is starting to sleep 6-8 hour stretches at night and I'm getting more rest. Who ever said rest when the baby sleeps didn't have an almost 4 year old (he turns 4 one week from today).

Ben is good. He's been doing speech therapy all school year and it's helping. He's talking a ton and we need to work on his articulation. He's really into aquatic life and knows all the fish in the ocean. He also loves being a big brother and his favorite phrase "She is SO cute!"
Ben drew me the ocean

I'll be heading back to work in 6 weeks which will open a flood gate of emotions and I'll also be thrown into our busy event season. I won't lie when I say that I'm dreading it (sorry co-workers) which is a natural response.

Being a mom of two is wonderful but it leaves little time for me. I make a list each week of items to tackle but I'm finding that I'm not getting to it. That means finding the time to do the things I enjoy are falling by the wayside. How do moms do it? We want to do it all but doing it all is impossible.

This brings me to the Time Magazine cover. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone has an opinion about it. What's my opinion? Who am I to judge another mom? Yeap, I'm fence sitting. Personally, I don't plan to extended breast feed EmmyLu but who am I to say it's wrong for another mom? Didn't our parents teach us not to judge one another?

As mother's, everyone is throwing their opinion at us. I'm blessed to be around friends and resources that supported my breastfeeding efforts. With my son, there was a lot of chatter when vacationing that I should not feed my baby in public (he was covered up) and that I wasn't poor and could afford formula so why was I breastfeeding? One of my Facebook friends (a guy) took to the social network and talked about how disgusting it was someone was feeding their baby in front of others at a party (he was single and now I know why). When we ask questions on baby forum boards, they often get heated when it comes to getting to baby to sleep through the night and putting cereal in your baby's bottle.

What we really need is to support one another and only give those opinions when someone asks.

About this blog moving forward .... we are still going green gradually, in fact, I have a lot to talk about as I'm still making progress on my green plan. I also have been a little more eco-friendly with the baby than with Ben. I didn't go with cloth diapers though more on that to come. I probably won't make my own baby food so more to come on that.

So my promise ... I miss blogging and I'm going to start posting more often.


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