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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You know you have a girl when ...

I believed I have mentioned this before but I'm obsessed with play kitchens, tea party sets, dollhouses and dressing EmmyLu up (I've had the board on Pinterest since I found out I was having a girl). My mom said the same thing about me and I turned out to be a tomboy who played like a boy and was dirty all the time (an older brother and boy cousins will do that to you).

I didn't want to be that mom who said "my kid won't wear pink," because you can't escape it. Everything people are giving me is pink and girly. I've also been scolded ... stop with the gender roles! She may want to play with cars. I'm ok with that too.

In this obsession, I've started my search on Craigslist for a used play kitchen. I do not want a plastic one ... something like this from KidKraft (yes, more expensive) is what I've been looking for:
I ended up finding someone looking to sell theirs and my husband put his foot down as EmmyLu is a baby but my argument ... Ben will play with it and enjoy it now! Still, he told me to wait. How long? He wouldn't give me a time frame. Anyway ...

Since it's important to me that my children play with safe toys and less plastic (recycled plastic is fine!) the better, I've started to make a note of items I think will be great for my baby (and me) to play with!

I had a Humpty Dumpty tin tea set I played with all the time. I wish I had the photo scanned to prove it to you. This is a really cute set by Green Toys made out of recycled plastic. It would look really great with this DIY table.

For the play kitchen they also Green Toys also offers a recycled plastic set of dishes, pots, pans and utensils.

Another brand I love is Melissa & Doug, offering many items of wooden and felt play food items at a reasonable price! Two of my favorites are the fridge and pantry foods. My son loves his sandwich making kit too.

When your kids were little, what were your thoughts on toys? I really couldn't wait for Ben to learn how to bike and now I'm having fun watching him do it!

1 comment:

  1. For the record, Owen LOVES that tea set from Green Toys. It's one of the first things he pulls out every time we visit my mom's house. Also, Ikea is by far your most economical choice for a wooden play kitchen. 2 months is probably too young, but maybe Santa can deliver one at Christmas... =)



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