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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Want, need, wear, read

Why are the holidays stressful? Oh wait, because I made it that way! Yes, it's completely my fault. I like control. I like to socialize. I like to see the joy in my children's eyes. I like my dad to get his yearly Starbucks card from me. I like to bake and cook. But the stress. It's killing me. And my tree isn't up. 

This year, I vowed to simplify. There isn't much I need. I asked for a larger crockpot. Costco has it for $29.  My son, however, asked for a $90 remote control shark -- thanks to Cartoon Network (add to my parenting to do list -- wean my son off Cartoon Network).  For a week, he kept asking to go to the store because he wanted a toy shark. Ben has plenty of toy sharks. I showed him his Bruce shark. He insisted -- I want a toy shark for Christmas. Then, the remote control shark commercial came on and it all made sense why he was asking for 9 volt batteries. The shark is ordered but that's all he's getting from us. 

The baby's list wasn't hard. She is getting a rubber snake. Why a rubber snake? She is pretty attached to her brother's snake and he's not to happy about it. 

Back to simplifying. We didn't send out a formal baby announcement for EmmyLu. Shoot, EmmyLu's room STILL isn't decorated. I'm setting this child up for future therapy sessions already because she is the victim of second child syndrome already. I vowed to send photo Christmas card to make up for no formal baby announcement. Yes, add that to my list of things to do. I have the best intentions, I really do.

This year is the first year I will be doing Want, Need, Wear, Read. My friend with the best advice, Alissa, has been doing this for her kids and I stole the idea from her. 

Ben's list looks like this:
Want: RC Shark
Need: Underwear, socks
Wear: 5T shirts
Read: Goodnight Moon (he loves this book and will get it at the library from time to time so I found it cheap at TJ Maxx)

It's my best attempt to start simplifying. Maybe next year, I will cut the holiday card out? I could send out an email? But I know my great aunt and uncle really like getting their card since they don't have email or Facebook.

I think as my kids get older, we'll get into a routine.

Now, I better get working on the grandparents gifts so I can get them in the mail. 

How have you simplified the holidays? 

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