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Monday, January 21, 2013

Alternative to plastic breast milk storage bags

Why is it so hard to get a photo
of them looking at the camera?
As I mentioned, I'm back to work. For 5 months, I was lucky that I didn't have to do much breast milk pumping. I'm pretty lucky that my insurance company paid for me to have a nice hospital grade breast pump delivered to the hospital before I left -- what I didn't know was that I really wouldn't be using it until September.

When I got home from the hospital, the first 30 days, I had to pump because I seemed to be producing a lot of milk, plus Baby E was eating every 90s mins that first 6 weeks.  I had plenty of milk stored up so after about 6 weeks, I didn't pump much.

Fast forward to mid-September and I'm back to work. I ran out of my frozen milk pretty quickly along with the plastic bags.

Out of desperation and desire to not go to the grocery store for more, I threw a mason jar in my work bag to store my milk in while at work. 4 months later, I was still pumping and using my mason jars!

I'm sad to say that overnight, EmmyLu lost interest in breastfeeding. She made it a whole 9 months where her brother stopped at 8 months. We switched her to Comforts Touch of Nature Organic Formula after much researching. Organic formula usually can run anywhere from $23-30 per can but Comforts is affordable, around $15-17 a can.

What were your breast pumping tricks? I'd love to hear and share with my readers.


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