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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reusable food pouches for the baby

When did this happen?

It seems JUST like yesterday, we brought EmmyLu home from the hospital and she's now almost 10 months and eating table food.

EmmyLu showed interest in food as early as three months. By four months, she was eating mostly homemade purees of fruits and veggies and by six months, she was feeding herself which was shocking to us. One thing she has mastered is the food pouch.

My son loves the Trader Joe's Apple Carrot Crushers and they are pretty pricey and wasteful, yet I still buy them. I have bought a handful of organic brand baby food pouches to have on hand when we are out and about and EmmyLu is hungry but I really didn't like the waste part.

Then I discovered Squooshi, a reusable baby food pouch for homemade purees! I bought 4 and after a week, wished I would have bought more!

Look at her go!

How they work is you spoon in the purees, yogurt or whatever and then zip them closed. Or if make batches of baby food, try this method from One Organic Mama. EmmyLu mastered pouches very early and with hardly any help from us. When done, they are easy to rinse and clean.

On the weekends, I will make a few breakfast purees that include cooked oats, applesauce and yogurt  for the baby to have in the morning so my husband can give her more than Cherrios for breakfast.

Now I just have to perfect the carrot applesauce mixture and get my son eating it.

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