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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's day box by Benjamin

Ben's Sturgeon Fish
I can already tell at 4.5 years old, homework is going to be a battle with my son, Benjamin. He's wired exactly like his father and I love that about him -- he's very artistic. Along with being pretty good at drawing, he loves fish. He can tell you all about deep sea ocean fish, tropical fish and he even impressed the pet store owners with his knowledge of cichlids. He will sit and watch YouTube videos of Angler Fish and then tell you all about how the males bite the females and mates. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what mating actually is but it's impressive he knows this stuff.

I tasked him to make a Valentine's Day box this week. He didn't want to do it. Then I explained he could color and draw anyway he wanted and he exclaimed "I can make a fish box?" Yes, Benjamin, you can. If I can get him to accomplish a task and I have to involve fish, well, I'm for it. 

Here are some photos of his first Valentine's Day box:

Look at that proud face! How do you motivate your child to get his homework done? 

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