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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product review: Diaper Dabbler

This post is sponsored by Diaper Dabbler. They gave me a package of their Mother Earth sampler to try in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are my own. 

How would you like to try diapers before you buy a whole pack to discover they aren't the greatest fit or leak. Well, you can.

Diaper Dabbler is genius and takes the guess work out of the equation for new, overwhelmed moms.  Their mission: to provide a one stop cost-effective way to sample a variety of disposable diapers.

Yes, this is a green blog, talking about disposable diapers. I see the irony in that.

Since I am a working mom with two kids, cloth diapers won't work for me but there are a lot of options of earth-friendly diapers that are biodegradable, made with plant based materials or produced with less chemicals.

Diaper Dabbler sent me the Mother Earth sampler to try which included the following brands:

Honest Company™: Jessica Alba's company specializing in non-toxic diapers, made from sustainable, plant-based, biodegradable materials.
Retail for $14 for 36 diapers (size three). $0.38 per diaper

Earth’s Best TenderCare™ : Chlorine free diapers with materials made from corn and wheat.
Retail for $13 for 35. $0.37 per diaper

Seventh Generation Free & Clear™: Free of whitening agents and chlorine free.
$12.50 for a pack of 20. $0.62 per diaper

Naty by Nature BabyCare™: Free of fragrance and totally chlorine free pulp, the leakage is barrier made of natural material and GM free based corn film.
Retail $36 for 54 diapers. $0.66 per diaper

Huggies Pure & Natural™:  Made with organic cotton outside, cushiony soft quilting and a flexible pad inside these are hypoallergenic, with a touch of Aloe and Vitamin E.
Retail $40 for 140 diapers. $0.29 per diaper

Attitude™: Made from renewable and compostable materials, they are also carbon neutral.
Retails for $11 for 30 diapers. $0.37 per diaper.

The verdict? They give you this nifty score card to keep track of what you did and didn't like:

The verdict, I loved Honest Company. I tried their diapers when they first came out and I fell in love with everything except the price. They are the best quality diaper you can buy if you're an earthy conscious momma like myself but they hit the pocket book hard.

EmmyLu models Honest Diapers

Earth's Best, Attitude and Seventh Generation came in at a tie. They had a scratchy feel (well, so did Honest Company but they got points for being cute) but they didn't leak like Natty and Huggies did when EmmyLu wore them.

If you would like to try a set of diapers, Diaper Dabbler is offering my readers 15% off ... just use code WMGG15.

What are your favorite diapers?  I'd love to hear!

This post is sponsored by Diaper Dabbler. They gave me a package of their Mother Earth sampler to try in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are my own. 

1 comment:

  1. We have been usng expensive diapers since our baby was born and we have never had an issue. Our baby has never had any rash and the diapers never leaked (and there were mornings when we were amazed by the extra weight they had taken on).
    Jessica Alba Diapers



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