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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Products I love: NurturMe Baby Food

With my son, I failed miserable at making baby food so while I was pregnant with EmmyLu,  I searched for great organic baby food products. Plum District had a great offer on buy one package of NurturMe,  get one free, plus I was intrigued by it being in packets that needed to be rehydrated with water.

You read that right, you rehydrate it with warm water, formula or breast milk to the consistency your baby needs. If you're first starting out, you'll need more water but as the baby gets used to eating, the less water you'll need.

NurturMe comes in six flavors ... apple, banana, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot ... the basic first fruits and vegetables for babies! At first, this concept was strange but I quickly got used to mixing the powdery substance. Our daycare lady loved the stuff as it was easy for her to prepare.

Starting out with carrots, EmmyLu loved them and moved onto peas, which gave her horrible gas (NOT NurturMe's fault) so we moved on to the other fruits and veggies and eventually came back to the peas.

When we started to venture into blends, I would blend the banana with carrots or apples with carrots to change things up! I also made my own beet puree and mixed it with their apple packet.

The other fun thing about NurturMe is that it's just not for babies! You can fool your kids and hid the veggies in their food by mixing it with their mac and cheese. And along with being organic, they were recently verified as non-GMO!

Check out the NurturMe to find out where to purchase products near you!

What is your favorite organic baby food products?

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