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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Upcycled backpack from Sara Bella

My son is starting kindergarten in the Fall. The day I went to pick up his paperwork from the school, I was a mess. Just imagine how I will be the first day of school? Three times the mess, maybe?

My son has been in need of a backpack for months and he told me he really wanted one with fish on it. Over and over, I showed him images of ones on Etsy and he turned each one down until one day, he was spying over my shoulder and told me to stop at this photo:

photo courtesy of Sara Bella
Ben: Mommy, see that blue backpack ... I WANT THAT ONE.

Off to Sara Bella Upcycled I went with my dad and his wife, to show them this funky store and get a backpack made for Ben. My dad happened to be visiting that week and was intrigued by the store. 

Sara Bella Upcycled is one cute store with the motto "We create beautiful, wearable art out of rescued plastic bags." They take plastic bags and they create many reusable items ... lunch totes, aprons, purses, skirts. I could go on an on.

The order process was quick and painless. I just showed her the blue backpack from the photo and two weeks later, it was ready. 

Today is kindergarten round-up so last night, I gave Ben his backpack. Look at the smile on his face:


Sara told me as I was leaving that anyone who gets one of these backpacks from her, she'll donate 15% back to Deschutes Land Trust. Saving plastic bags from the landfill AND donating to charity ... seems like a win-win to me!

Here is the video we took of giving Ben the backpack to send to my dad, who lives out of state. My dad was excited to get Ben the backpack as an early 5th birthday gift.

I think I'm going to have Sara Bella make EmmyLu a pink backpack with butterflies next.

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