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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to make safe, chemical free deodorant [Video]

safe, chemical free deodorant
Folks are baffled when I tell them that I make my own deodorant (recipe here). Why make your own? It's simple, the ingredients used in commercial deodorant MAY cause cancer.

Since this is something I use everyday, I felt I had to find something that was chemical free and safe to use on a daily basis.

I tried MANY natural, chemical free deodorants. The best I found was Soapwalla BUT you can't use it right after you shave because it irritates the skin. No bueno.

Two years later, I'm still making my own and using it daily. Watch the video and you'll be making it yourself too!

I'm venturing into videos. I might as well put that good ole state university broadcasting degree to good use, right? I used that broadcasting degree for a whole 9 months right out of college (while I was in college, I worked in television for two years though). Luckily, I learned how to edit video the old school way and the new school way -- on the computer. 


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