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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going natural: skin problems

rosy cheeks 
I've had rosacea my whole life and I basically just got used to it. I've been lucky to have pretty smooth skin and never have acne problems ... until now.

Since I started working out --running and doing crossfit-- acne have become a problem for me. I usually wash my face with 365 Shower Gel and 365 Body Lotion Whole Foods.

Before going more natural with my beauty routine, I would wash my face with a Dove bar soap and moisturize with Olay and never had problems. The mentioned beauty routine of 365 products worked great until two months ago.

Now, my face is fiery red all the time and the acne (mostly along the hairline) is out of control. I stopped using concealer and started using mineral foundation to cover it all up but I don't want to do that forever.

I've started to wash my face first thing when I get home from working out but that doesn't seem enough. I thought maybe buying cleansing wipes similar to these Pacifica sells to keep in the car after works out would maybe a good option. The problem that gets me with this option is waste (though there are biodegradable wipes out there).

I need your help! What are you favorite products or natural remedies for facial washing and moisturizing  I'd love some help in the area!


  1. I stumbled across this blog a bit ago. Focuses on nutrition and natural products to address acne. Haven't tried it myself, but I know her discussions of stress and diet causing acne certainly apply to me!

  2. If the acne is mostly at your hairline have you considered changing your shampoo/conditioner. Maybe the sweat mixed with the products is the issue.

  3. I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar for shampoo and conditioner so I don't know if that will help.



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